Man Down

The emergency phone call is not what I was expecting. I feel bad because of my interrupted trip to pound town with Jimmy. If I may say, he seemed excited with my idea of Mia Wallace and Vincent Vega. The lady on the phone was a bit vague with her alert. Now I am left wondering what the fudge is going on.

“Relax babe”, says Jimmy as he tries to find me something to put on.

Soon as I put on some clothes we rush out for the car. Jimmy decides to drive instead. He thinks I am in no position to drive.

“You are distracted, your judgment on the road may be affected”, he points out.

Along the way, I can’t help but think about all the possible outcomes. Until now, I have not received any phone call from home. At this point, I think the emergency may not involve anyone from there. Even though, I can rub the probability off my mind. If I were asked what I picture my evening being like five hours ago, this would not be part of it. The universe has a way of surprising us. This, however, was a highway.

We arrive at the hospital twenty minutes later. Lisa is at the reception. She appears to be frail and her eyes are swollen. My heart sinks. Not my best friend No-no-no. Why was she here? Why had she been crying? She had the answers to all my questions. How was I to pose them anyway? It was not the right time. I head towards her and hug her tightly. There are no words to be said. She begins to sob again and all I can do is hold her tight and hope she feels better soon. Moments later, a nurse approaches us. I believe she wants to brief us on whatever it is going on.

“One patient is stable, we have to take the other one in for surgery”, she says.

“Who are the patients?” I ask hastily

“Andy and Paul were involved in a grisly accident”, says Lisa before bursting out in tears again.

I’m confused. I don’t know how to feel at the moment. Even so, I feel bad for Lisa. I can tell she is terrified.

“How is Andy?”

“I don’t know Jen, you should ask the medic”

I follow the nurse to get my answers.

“Excuse me ma’am, which patient is going to surgery?” I ask

“Paul”, she replies and quickly walks away.

The answer makes my heart sink. I know Paul and I have not been in good terms but right now that has to go away. I have a lot of questions and no one seems to have answers to them. Will he be okay? How long will the surgery last? How can I help? I feel helpless.

“Hey, are you okay?” asks Jimmy. “What did the nurse say?”

“I don’t know Jimmy, maybe you should go home, I won’t be joining you tonight”

“Are you okay?”

A nurse interrupts our conversation.

“You can see the patient”, she says.

I inform Lisa who does not hesitate to head to where Andy has been admitted. We follow her. The scenes are not good. Lisa burst into tears again. I feel sorry for her. I wonder what they were up to. Were there any other people with them? For a moment, my mind forgets about Paul before the nurse walks in again.

“How long will the surgery last?” I find myself asking.

“I’m not sure, you will have to be patient”, she replies. “The patient needs to rest, I’ll have to ask you to leave”, she adds.

“You can take Lisa home, I’ll wait here for Paul to come out of surgery”, I tell Jimmy.

“Are you sure?” asks Jimmy

“Yes I will. I’ll let you know of any developments”.

No sooner had they left than a nurse approached me.

“I am deeply sorry”, she said.

“What do you mean?”

“We lost him on the way to the OR”

I am short of breath. BLACKOUT!